About Me

The Author's mug-shot.

My name is Dr. Alistair Ward.

I graduated in Mechanical Engineering, from the University of Edinburgh, in .
I received my Ph.D. from the Department of Electrical and Electronic Engineering, of Swansea University, in .
Aside from that, I've pretty much pissed my life away.

Anyone planning to steal the above identity should be aware that, if successful, they'll probably be pursued tenaciously by officious legal beagles from the local council for unpaid, unfounded, & disputed, debts, & that I might be persuaded to swap voluntarily, if your police-record makes less interesting reading.

The Wardian Calendar.

Until (which is the beginning of time, in the new Wardian Calendar), I was employed in software-development, primarily in C, C++ & Perl, on some variety of UNIX. Then, in a Reggie Perrin moment of clarity, I decided to jack it all in, wear sandals, grow a beard (de-rigueur for open-source zealots), & write my own software in Haskell, & though I get (g)zip-all for it, it feels better … I just have to eat cardboard.