Cabal Source-distributions:
  • These source-distributions will require a Haskell-compiler to be of use.

  • They're written in Haskell, compiled using ghc from version 7.4 to 8.6, & tested on a variety of GNU/Linux distributions.

  • They're licensed under GPLv3.

  • Haddock

    They're documented in Haddock, & where appropriate have a UNIX Man-page.

  • They're packaged in Cabal-sdist format, (tar-gzip).

    To unpack, build & install the required packages on GNU/Linux, (observing prerequisites):

    $ tar -zxf package-version.gz	# 'gzcat package-version.gz | tar -xf -' on UNIX.
    $ cd package-version/
    $ cabal install [--user]
    $ cabal haddock --hyperlink-source [--executables]	#Optionally build the documentation.
  • To remove (which isn't the same as uninstallation) a package from the package-database:
    $ ghc-pkg list #List the contents of the package-repository.
    $ ghc-pkg unregister [--user] package-version
  • Some packages have external dependencies beyond merely the Haskell Platform, so one might consider downloading them from Hackage using Cabal.
Cabal Source-distributions1
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toolshed2 factory fishfood squeeze regexdot regexchar bridge3 bishbosh weekdaze
Data loading-bay.


  1. Also available from Hackage & GitHub.
  2. Contains no end-user code, but a common prerequisite for subsequent packages.
  3. Unfinished.