Technology used on this Site

Other than the ceiling-fan, there's nothing revolutionary to declare here, but if you're bolting together a website yourself, then depending on your experience, it may help.

Regex Haskell
Syntax Semantics
Anchors; ^, $. Package
() (,,) Module
| Type
[] [,,] Function
^ {--} --
Perl-style Shortcuts;
\d, \s, \w, \D, \S, \W.
POSIX character-classes;
[:alnum:], [:alpha:], [:blank:] …
Greedy Quantifiers;
*, +, ?, {n,}, {n}, {n, m}.
Non-greedy Quantifiers;
*?, +?, ??, {n,}?, {n, m}?.
\ \


Some of the code-listings contain a rather dense thicket of esoteric information, which depending on your experience of Haskell, Bash & regex-syntax, may prove difficult to decipher, or merely resemble an explosion in a typesetting-office. To help you machete a path through this jungle, more detailed information is made available when you hover your cursor over specific terms in these examples (assuming the cursor has been focused on the browser-window).

Colours & fonts (subject to availability) have been used in an attempt to improve clarity, of both regexen & Haskell source-code, but if either of these induce an epileptic fit, or just don't work for you, then less noisy alternative style-sheets are available.

CSS-animation can be both distracting & CPU-intensive, so it can be disabled across this site.


The following applications were used:

Application Requirement
GIMP Image-manipulation
gnuplot Graph-plotting
Kdenlive Video-editing
LibreOffice/Formula Equation-formatting
FreeCAD Three-dimensional modelling
Gmsh A three-dimensional finite-element mesh-generator, used by "FreeCAD"
CalculiX A three-dimensionsal finite-element solver, used by "FreeCAD"
KiCad Electronics design
FFmpeg Audio/Video Transcoding
Kodi Media-player
Tvheadend TV streaming server & recorder
LibreELEC A light-weight Linux-distribution designed for "Kodi"
GHC Haskell-compiler
Cabal Haskell build-tools
Haskell stack


Many of the functions described on this site, have been performance-tested. Unless otherwise stated, the following platform was used.

Function Alley.